Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Must Lose -- BIGLY

Oct. 9, 2016:  from the New York Times Editorial Board
"Sniffing and glowering, Mr. Trump prowled behind Mrs. Clinton as she presented herself again as the only adult on stage, the only one seeking to persuade the great majority of Americans that she shares their values and aspirations. Mr. Trump, by contrast, fell back on the tricks he has learned from his years in pro wrestling and reality television, making clear how deep his cynicism goes."

I've been a democrat for a very long time, so from the beginning there was little chance Donald Trump would be getting my vote.  His campaign and debate performances haven't changed that, but they have managed to do something no other campaign has, they've actually made me scared.

There have been campaigns where I've feared for the things I believe in if my candidate were to not win; like LGBT equality, education healthcare access, and so on.  This is the first where I've actually feared for our country and maybe even the world.  This petulant, thin-skinned bully has no business being in the Oval Office even for a visit, say nothing of actually occupying it.

What frightens me even more is the number of US citizens who continue to support him.  Hopefully it will continue to be less than the majority, as it appears to be today, but still it's a very large portion of the American electorate.  I predict a third party coming out of this election, after Mr. Trump loses, and it will be ultra-right wing and fascist.  A group that large, even though a minority overall, they are a majority of the Republican party and would have to be considered a legitimate voice in politics.  We'll be subject to having their racist, ethnocentric, homophobic, misogynist narrative included in every policy discussion, henceforth.

If a third party does rise out of this election, it will become critical that the Democrats are successful in holding their party together.  If the ultra-progressive wing that supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary were to break off, we could have a political free-for-all in the decades to come and it would destabilize the world, not just the United States.  The world looks to the US as a stabilizing force and if the Donald Trump campaign is any indication we appear to be abdicating that position.

I hope for a resounding defeat of Donald J. Trump in November.  America will be better for it and so will the rest of the world.