Sunday, January 26, 2014

That's Love

Today is JD's birthday…kind of a big one…and unfortunately for him, I suck at birthdays.

I never know what to get and it's always the last minute-scramble to figure something out.  This year I came up with an idea a week ahead of time…a tennis racket and lessons.  But you can't just buy a racket for somebody.  They have to be along to know what fits in their hand and what color they think will work best with some future court ensemble.  We went to the sporting goods store yesterday and picked one out that I'll now order online and have shipped to Palm Springs so he doesn't have to carry it on the plane next month, but that's not something I can wrap and give him.  I got up at 6am this morning and now have a german chocolate cake in the oven.  It's his favorite and an annual birthday tradition, but you can't wrap a cake either.  This afternoon we're going to Watershed for brunch, but again, can't wrap that.

I feel guilty, not only about being such a lousy "birthday celebrationist" but now I'm also making JD's birthday all about me and my guilt.  It's an ugly, self-absorbed cycle.

He's awake. Time to get the coffee and bring to the bedroom.  I'll wish him a very sincere "Happy Birthday" and I know he'll be gracious about it.    That's love.

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