Saturday, February 1, 2014

Atlanta Snow-Jam 2014

Behind the ridiculousness of Tuesday's storm is the disturbing ineptitude of local government to have any kind of foresight to looming disaster.

At 10:30pm Monday, my phone rang with a Delta Airlines robo-call telling me that my Tuesday afternoon flight to Orlando was being cancelled to due weather.  The next morning a quick check of the weather informed me that there was a winter storm warning starting at 9am.

JD had an early flight to NYC that morning and it was on time, so I dropped him at the airport at 7:30am and started driving to Orlando to get ahead of the storm and still be able to make my meetings on Wednesday morning.  It all worked perfectly.  JD's was one of the last flights out of Atlanta, and other than a heavy mist at the GA/FL border, the drive to Orlando was uneventful.

I'm glad we both missed this one and I felt awful for my coworkers back here in Atlanta who spent 12 hours trying to get home, or just gave up and slept at the office.  I can't help wonder how it is that I (not any smarter than the average bear) could figure out that a storm was coming and was able to avoid it, but yet government couldn't as much as cancel school that day.  A lot of other folks are now asking the same question.  Hopefully it gets a real look and some real solutions.

This Politico Magazine article gives a great recap of the situation and how we got where we are.  Georgia government might want to start here.

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