Monday, February 17, 2014


Coming home from the gym yesterday, I heard an interview with a gentleman on NPR who had given a TED talk about what he called "Life Editing".  He argued that we clutter our lives with things and activities that don't increase our happiness and that we would be happier if we "edited" those things from our surroundings and schedules.  Although I had never thought of it in those terms, I have to agree.

After the Palm Springs closing, of course JD and I went on a buying spree to get the essentials required to make the condo habitable including a couple beds and a sectional.  Then we stopped.  Once we had a place to sleep and sit we both realized how relaxing it was to be in this space with wide open views and  barely a thing on the walls or floors.  It was simple and uncomplicated and so we made a conscious decision to not muck that up.

I live with an artist so of course we now have art on the walls but we've tried to be choosy and not hang something just because there's a few inches of blank space.  There are also a couple furniture pieces we'd like to find.  A small table and chairs to be used as a breakfast area in the dining space, cool (and comfortable) chairs for the office so that space can double as a TV room, a vintage swag lamp for the living room and a low-slung 1970's bar to go beneath the Keith Haring.  They key to these acquisitions is that they need to be exactly what we're looking for.  We have resolved not to get anything just to "fill the space" and until we find the perfect pieces we'll be happy to look at the emptiness while watching TV on the floor and storing our liquor in the pantry.

When we returned to Atlanta after the holidays, back to a home we've been filling with stuff for the past 9 years, the sheer amount of it hit us in the face like a wall.  The next day we dismantled the office and threw out bags of papers, books and stuff that served no purpose other than to be on hand  "just in case".  We're by no means done and the frantic exorcism has slowed to something closer to a purging chant but our own editing continues nonetheless.

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