Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This past weekend was beautiful.  The sunny skies, budding trees, singing birds and mid-70's temperatures made it feel like spring had sprung just one short week after Atlanta's second snow storm of the year.  It was great to get out in the yard to pull ivy off the fence, trim trees and mow down last year's growth of Mondo Grass in the moss garden.

In year's past this would have been the weekend I'd have run to Home Depot and started buying vegetable plants and flowers for the empty pots scattered around the perimeter of the house, but I've learned that lesson.  Atlanta is sure to tease you with a beautiful spell of weather and then come around from the left with a below-freezing snap that will kill anything you tried to get an early jump on.  Like clockwork it's happening again...down in the 20's for the next several nights.

Nice try, Atlanta, but not this year.  I know your game.  It was nice while it lasted, though.

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