Friday, February 7, 2014

This Is How They Get You

What's a married gay to do on an Atlanta Friday night when his husband is in NYC?  If Kai Lin Gallery is having an opening, of course you go there!  Art, stylish people, vodka...wait.  That's where they get you.  Vodka.

You think you're going out to just see some art and get out of the house, but no.  They get you feeling good with an erudite party atmosphere and exotic vodka, lemonade, mint cocktails and suddenly your credit card is flying out of your pocket and a red dot is going on the wall.

Well, no complaints.  Jason Kofke was one of the featured artists in tonight's show and he's fantastic.  We have his drawing of Christa McAuliffe that he framed behind an antique metal oven door (to give the feel of a rocket ship window).   We saw it at a Kai Lin show in 2012 and John loved it, so I got it for him for our anniversary.  This one is for me and it's going in the Palm Springs office.  It's called "Communication Age", but I'm calling it "Girl, I'm on the phone!"

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