Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Road Hog Or Just A Pig

Harley Davidson motorcycles.  What the hell?!

Sunday was one of our first warm weather days to fall on a weekend and of course I spent a good piece of it on the back deck taking it all in.  Birds sang, you could hear the buzz of the neighbor's lawn mower and from the street out front of the house you could hear the roaring, revving engine of every Harley Davidson owner in East Atlanta out on their motorcycle.

They're a good looking bike and I'm aware that the Harley isn't the only noise belching machine on the road.  There's the high pitched wheeze of the crotch rockets and the bubble-like pop of those add-on tailpipes attached to import economy cars that seem to be popular with the kids, but the Harley comes from the factory as a noise machine that doesn't require any add ons or unnecessary revving and I don't get why, or why that's something a Harley owner would cherish.

My brother, and avid Harley rider, claims it's a necessary safety feature.  When he's riding on the interstate the noise alerts other drivers that he's next to them.  I call BS.  There are lots of small cars and and other motorcycle brands on the road that seem to be able to get by without everybody in a 2 mile radius having to acknowledge their existence.

Despite the macho-rebel image that Harley riders love to wrap themselves in, this need for attention through noise has more in common with the temper tantrum of a six year old girl.  At best, it might rise to the level of teen boy who just got his drivers license.  "Look at me!  Look at me"

I know I live on a busy street, so I'm OK with the fact that there will be road noise.  But these machines can be heard blocks away.  Where does their right to drive these vehicles end and where to the rights of neighborhood residents to enjoy their property begin?  I contend the Harley riders (and those of their ilk) have hogged that line for too long.  Gentlemen (because it's mostly men), it's time to grow up and put on your big-boy pants.  You want respect on the road.  I suggest showing some respect to those along the road.

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