Sunday, July 27, 2014

Art Wins!

Our life in Atlanta exists in a very urban setting...lots of traffic and general hustle & bustle.  Along with that comes the other petty nuisances of city life, like the occasional break-in, "working-girls" on the sidewalk and graffiti.  One particular graffiti wall is directly across the street from our house.

It used to be a 24-hour, unsupervised self-serve carwash that was a hub for drug dealers and prostitutes.  About 8 years ago it shut down and at one point was being developed into a retail/town home housing complex...and then the crash of 2008 happened and it's been a vacant lot ever since.  The vacant lot is actually better than the car wash that was there, so no complaints, but the abandoned car wash stall has been a magnet for taggers over the years.

(ps:  Can anybody tell me what the hell this tag is supposed to say?)

A month ago JD and I decided to take scrap remnants of house paints, mix them together and cover the tag we'd been looking at for over a year.  It was a job well done and it turned out that our paint mixture ended up being a green that almost made the structure blend into the trees in the background.

The very next morning we woke to find the wall had the start of a new tag already in progress.  We pulled out the paint again and with the help of a neighbor and a couple additional colors we made the cover-over a little more vibrant this time.

The end result was Atlanta's largest Rainbow Flag.  Today is exactly one month since the flag rose in East Atlanta and it has survived without a single tag!

Although it was completely unintended, we are now greeted to a beautiful symbol of gay equality every time we get out of our car and walk to the house.  A warm greeting home, indeed!