Sunday, November 29, 2015

ROBOLIGHTS -- A Palm Springs Christmas Acid Trip

Every year artist Kenny Irwin transforms his Movie Colony estate into a maze of sculpture and light and opens it to the public.  It's amazing.  It's trippy.  It's unlike anything you've ever seen.  (I'm aware of the overused cliche', but's unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen.)

We went for the first time last year and as we walked through the entrance all I could think was, "Where the hell am I?" and "What the hell is in this guy's head?"  From shopping cart trains to human mannequins (some with antlers) pulling a sleigh, the whole thing is mind-boggling.  And that's without considering it's all happening smack in the middle of The Movie Colony, a neighborhood known for it's old-Palm-Springs charm and midcentury architecture.

There's a small fee to enter which allows Kenny to pay for the attraction's staff.  They also accept donations for an anti-bullying campaign and Toys-For-Tots.  You'll happily hand over your money and then want to give more.

It's nothing I'm proud of, but in all honesty I can be a cynical stick-in-the-mud.  Kenny Irwin's ROBOLIGHTS made me feel like a kid at Christmas again.  That feeling is the true magic of Christmas and I can't wait to go again this year just to get it back.

Open daily until January 3, 4-9:30 pm
1077 East Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs

Suggested entrance fee is $5
Please be respectful of the fact that this is a residential neighborhood.  Park respectably and maintain a reasonable noise level when you're outside the exhibit.