Tuesday, August 30, 2016


A couple months ago following the shootings in Orlando a group of Democrats led by my representative, John Lewis, staged a sit-in on the capitol floor after Republicans refused to hold debates on common sense gun control.  I was moved by the show of solidarity and the continuation of decades of social activism being led by John Lewis.  I don't generally contact politicians regarding issues, comment on blogs or write letters...I certainly don't write letters...but my admiration for his tenacity caused me to pull out pen and paper to write him a thank you note.

Last week I got an email from him (more likely a staffer in his office) thanking me for the note and reinforcing his commitment to the issue.  I like to think he got my note and knows how much I and so many others appreciate his work and, even if he didn't get it personally, I felt better writing it.  So, yesterday I decided I should do more of that and I've committed to writing a letter at least once a week to somebody who has inspired me and post a copy here.  It might be a public figure or somebody I know personally.

If it's a letter to a public figure or entity, I'll post the letter in its entirety and if it's more personal I'll post a heavily redacted version or maybe just a summary of what the letter was about.  (It's not really fair to write a letter to a personal friend with personal content and then splatter it all over the internet.)  If I get a reply, I'll post that too.

Hopefully I'll be more diligent about this project than I have about keeping up this poor, neglected blog.  We'll see.