Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Letter Project:  I've committed to writing a letter of thanks each week to somebody who has inspired me.

Amy Goodman is an investigative journalist and has been the host of the independent, global new program Democracy Now!, since 1996.  I've listened to her show the last several years, whenever I happen across it during my commute home from work.  Her stories are interesting, thoughtful and more in-depth than the blurbs that other shows are content to serve up as news.

Although she is well known to liberal newshounds and within journalism circles, she's not that well known to the general public.  That changed this week as she reported on the Dakota Access pipeline protests in North Dakota.  Ms. Goodman was the only journalist to capture pipeline company security guards releasing attack dogs and pepper spray on peaceful protesters.  As a reward for her top rate journalism, she is now named in an arrest warrant for trespassing.

She deserves our thanks for the vital work she is doing on this story and all the stories she tackles.  Our other media outlets could take a lesson in journalistic professionalism from Ms. Goodman.

I sincerely hope she continues her work and advocacy for a long time to come and that others being to take notice and follow her lead.

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