Monday, September 5, 2016

THIS WEEK'S LETTER: Colin Kaepernick

The Letter Project:  I've committed to writing a letter of thanks each week to somebody who has inspired me.

My first letter for this project went to Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49'ers.  Colin set off a firestorm of controversy over his refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest of the ongoing issue of police brutality and what he sees as the systematic oppression of brown and black people.  There have been calls for him to be punished by the NFL and even to be fired.

Colin Kaepernick should not be fired nor disciplined.  Not because it's his First Amendment right to protest, but because his demonstration is for what is right and good in this country.  We should all be treated equally and expect that the rights, opportunities and benefits this country affords our neighbors will be afforded to us as well.  That is not the case for many people of color in America, today.

Colin Kaepernick's non-violent protest has drawn as much attention to the issue of Black Lives Matter and inequality in the USA as have the protests by thousands of people in the street.  We owe him our thanks for keeping the conversation going as this is the only true path to a solution.

Thank you, Colin.

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