Tuesday, September 20, 2016

THIS WEEK'S LETTER: Councilman Corey Johnson

The Letter Project:  I've committed to writing a letter of thanks each week to somebody who has inspired me.

Corey Johnson has an interesting history.  He came out as gay when he was a senior in high school and captain of his football team.  He was an on air personality on satellite radio's Sirius OutQ and he's now the city councilperson for District 3, in New York City, which includes the West Village and Chelsea.

As a politician I first became aware of Mr. Johnson, during Hurricane Sandy.  We weren't living in NYC full time, but we did still have our apartment in the East Village and dozens of friends.  While trying to keep up on what was happening, somewhere online I saw "Councilman Corey Johnson's Twitter feed is the best place to find out information on the hurricane".  That was no hyperbole.  I followed him on Twitter and had information available much faster than through any other media source.  Weather updates, the status of different neighborhoods, public services, etc.  It was all there.

It was true again this weekend, after the bombings in Chelsea.  There were constant updates about the number of injured, what the police knew and what they were asking of New Yorkers.  It started immediately after the bombing was reported, went late into the night and picked up again early the next morning.

Corey's dedication to NYC and his district is undeniable and what I hope for in any representative of the people.  There was no posturing, blaming or fear mongering; just a constant flow of information that was vital to people affected at that time.  At no time was it about Corey.  He made it all about his constituents.  As it should be.

Thank you, Corey Johnson, for your tireless dedication to the city and its citizens.

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