Friday, September 30, 2016


Oh, sure.  There's probably something I could thank somebody for this week, but nothing is jumping out at me.  Even if I did finally think of something/somebody, the thank you letter would ring hollow.  I'm going to try harder this week.

As penance, I did write something.  A poem.  I think this may be the first I've least since high school English class.  Out into the world it goes.


I was born
I learned to crawl and walk
I drank formula from a bottle, moved on to oatmeal and then real food
I had a golden teddy bear and a yellow Tonka truck
My grandmother made me a quilt
I was an infant

I went to school
At first it was milk break and nap time
Then it was reading, writing and math
I preferred rope jumping to tetherball at recess
I had a crush on a girl, she was a Hopi Indian
I was a child

I went to school
Geography and Home Economics
I took piano lessons, was on a bowling league and started wearing eye glasses
I walked to school because riding the bus wasn’t cool
But neither were piano lessons, bowling and eye glasses
I was a youth

I went to school
Chess club, American Literature and advanced math
I had to drop out of trigonometry
I got a drivers license, a girlfriend and lost my virginity
She was into sports and could beat me in arm wrestling
I was a teen

I went to school
Major in Finance, Minor in Communications
I couldn’t be a stock broker, because I didn’t want to work on commission
I couldn’t communicate, because I might let it slip
I turned 21 and ate my dinners at the free nightly hors d’oeuvres bar
I was a college man

I graduated from school
Major in Finance, Minor in Communications
I couldn’t do either
I got a real job
I married the girl and bought a house
I was an adult

I had sex with a man
I divorced the girl
I took a job in San Francisco
I met another man
I moved with him to NYC
I was in the prime of my life

Towers fell down
I was offered more jobs
They moved us around the country
We bought houses and cars
We have two of one, three of the other and I married the man
I am middle age

The end

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